Application Example: Surface Water Monitoring at Hydrological Open Air Lab (HOAL)

Looking for a solution?

  • Long-run monitoring of microbiological contamination in surface water
  • Analysis of diurnal fluctuations of microbiological contamination in surface water
  • Correlation of microbial contamination with environmental events
  • Early warnings for contamination events

Vienna Water Monitoring Can Help!

  • Ultra-sensitive detection of fecal or total microbiological contamination in surface water
  • Rapid measurement results (only 15 min between analysis)
  • Online visualization and reporting
  • Early warning notification per E-mail

ColiMinder OMS makes easy and cost effective monitoring small and large surface water bodies. Today in europe more than 40% of surface water is used to product drinking water, in the USA it is more than 70%. Surface is not only important to produce drinking water but also for leisure.

Surface Water Monitoring

Surface Water Monitoring

Online real-time monitoring of microbial water quality