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ColiMinder® Mobile is a fully automated measurement system which is able to measure microbiological contamination of liquid samples within 15 minutes.

Measurement Principle:

ColiMinder® Mobile is measuring the microbiological contamination trough the specific enzymatic activity of target organisms. The measurement process is a batch process. Time to result is 15 min, followed by 15 min of cleaning cycle.

Data transfer and visualization:

Measurements data can be directly transmitted to the server through internet connection were data visualization is available (see example below) and automatic acknowledgements can be set.

Reagents are available for the following target organisms:

  • Fecal Contamination – E. coli (Beta-Glucuronidase Activity)
  • Coliform Bacteria (Beta-Galactosidase Activity)
  • Total Bacteria (ALP – Alkaline Phosphatase Activity)

Reagents are optimized for the use in either sweet or maritime waters.

Measurement Units, Calibration of the Instrument:

ColiMinder® Mobile devices deliver quantitative results calibrated to respective enzymatic units according to the scientific definition of the given enzymatic activity. Measuring fecal contamination, the devices are calibrated to Modified Fishman Units per 100ml (MFU/100ml) for Beta-D-Glucuronidase activity (GUS) or to DEA Units (U/100ml) for Alkaline Phosphatase activity (ALP).

Technical Data:

Measurement time for quantitative results:15 min
Full working cycle incl. automatic cleaning:30 min
Detection limit (GUS):0.8 mMFU/100ml
Detection limit (ALP):1µU/100ml
Performance (measurements per day):up to 36
Number of sample intakes:Standard: 1
Housing:Modified Peli 1440 Case
Instrument dimensions W x H x D50cm x 30cm x 45cm
Weight20 kg
Power supply12 V
Operating temperature range0°C to 40°C