VWM is an Austrian SME founded in 2013 that offers devices named ColiMinder® for fully automated microbiological online monitoring capable of measuring the microbiological contamination level of water for different target organisms, through their specific enzymatic activity. The measurements are performed fully automated within 15 minutes; results are transferred and visualized online. VWM´s ColiMinder® is the first measurement device capable of providing microbiological water quality as real-time parameter for online monitoring, real-time process control, process optimization and early warning applications. The following microbiological measurement parameters are available: Total Bacteria (ALP – Alkaline Phosphatase Activity) E. coli (Beta-Glucuronidase Activity) Coliforms Bacteria (Beta-Galactosidase Activity). ColiMinder® has been successfully tested in following applications:

  • Membrane filtration process monitoring
  • Disinfection process monitoring
  • Flocculation process monitoring
  • Drinking water quality monitoring
  • Surface-, bathing-, irrigation- water monitoring
  • Fruit and Vegetables washing water monitoring
  • Sewage Plant discharge monitoring
  • Cooling water monitoring

VWMs GmbH – Dorfstraße 17, A-2295 Zwerndorf

VWMs GmbH – Favoritenstraße 4-6/13, A-1040 Wien

FN 460077i, ATU71470213
Tel: +43 2284 20188-0
Mail: office@v-w-m.at

The company is supported by: Austrian business incubator  INiTS   

Austrian Federal Promotional Bank “Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH” (AWS)